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What are the different ways to purchase a car insurance policy?

In general, there are three different ways of choosing a car insurance policy. This can be broadly classified as via: Agents Dealers Brokers Agents There are a lot of insurance agents working with several insurance companies all over the world. These people are paid by the company to be able to sell their products to […]

What are the Inclusions and Exclusions in Car Insurance?

The cover offered by all car insurance policies are different for different insurance companies, but the most common inclusions and exclusions in car insurance are as follows: What is Covered (Inclusions) Cover for damages happened to your vehicle Cover for damages happened because of man-made disasters Damages to property Theft Personal accident cover Cover for […]

Important tips to consider before renewing your car insurance policy

Credits to the advanced technology, the internet has made it just a matter of few minutes to complete many tasks, which otherwise used to take a long time. From payment of bills to household chores, everything has become super easy with internet. With this, the banking and insurance sectors have also taken new leaps and […]

History Of Car Insurance in USA

With the advent of cars and other automobiles in the late 19th century, the inevitable after-effect – car collisions and road accidents also came into the picture. The rise of automotive collisions made it clear that, unlike other infringements, which depend on personal responsibility, there were high chances that automobiles will have to be governed […]

UK Car Insurance Premiums Drop 1% In Third Quarter: Survey

As noted in October 2019, the cost of a comprehensive motor insurance policy in Britain fell 1% in the third quarter, pushed down by uncertainty from the personal injury discount rate change in July and the market watchdog’s interim report on general insurance pricing practices, a survey showed. The average premium for a comprehensive policy […]

Effect of U.S. Auto Insurance Practices on Hurt Low-Income Earners

Several large U.S. auto insurance companies use education levels and occupation to set rates, effectively pricing some low- and moderate-income earners out of the market, according to a report by the Consumer Federation of America. The report, released on Monday, looked at premiums set by the 10 largest auto insurance companies in 10 urban areas […]