What are the different ways to purchase a car insurance policy?

In general, there are three different ways of choosing a car insurance policy. This can be broadly classified as via:

  1. Agents
  2. Dealers
  3. Brokers


There are a lot of insurance agents working with several insurance companies all over the world. These people are paid by the company to be able to sell their products to customers. Besides, these agents are considered to be experts as far as insurance products offered by their employers are concerned. These people are also believed to have the ability to convince and have the amply required knowledge to guide you in choosing the right policy that best suits your requirements. If you wish to change your insurance company, you should look for another insurance agent who works with the same company from which you wish to get the new insurance policy.


Brokers can either be individuals or even companies having a valid license from the government to be able to sell their insurance policies and other products. The products sold by brokers can be from any insurance company as they often have the required knowledge and expertise to help you make an informed choice. They also offer help and guidance in after-sales needs. In fact, brokers can also help you in comparing several policies in an effort to help you find the best one for yourself. Brokers can also help you in making the claim settlement when needed.


Automobile dealers sell vehicles to customers, and these vehicles are sold with third-party liability insurance. Normally, a lot of these dealers have tie-ups with insurance companies and may not be highly informed about these insurance policies. But they do look after the paperwork needed with getting a third-party liability insurance policy sold by the dealership. As said earlier, these dealers might or might not have adequate knowledge to guide you in finding the policy that best suits your requirements.

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